Internet Archeology Vol 1 - Photography | By Cybergems


A carefully arranged collection of photography found on archived GeoCities websites.


Perfect binding

Size: A6
48 pages
Paper 70lb

Cover 110lb
Lamination: Soft Touch

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About the Author
From the years of 2010 to around 2015.. I uh, spelunked into GeoCities websites for the purpose of finding animated gifs, photos, poems, artwork, basically anything that felt worth saving from “ye old internet”.

I ended up with quite a collection of photos. Photos that to me really captured what that era was about. I kept them for years… tried and failed a few times to make something of them... I just.. did not want them to fall into the void.

Long story short- I put them all into this small book of found photographs. To me these are artifacts of history. Of people. Of a culture that has been gone for decades now. Gone, but not forgotten.

I’m not sure what else to say. The books have arrived. They’re more perfect and beautiful than I could ever imagine. A time capsule of internet subculture circa.. 90…to perhaps 01.

This is the first printing. A small run of 50 books. They’re very goth. I think I probably inadvertently only collected photos that fit into the goth oeuvre. As is tradition.

Internet Archaeology Vol 1 - Photography. By Cybergems 🙂